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Green Christmas Decoration Ideas

The holiday season means a lot of decorating inside and outside the home. When all the festivities are done, however, most of the trimmings go straight to the dustbin, using up space in the landfill. Here are some options for an eco-friendly Christmas:

Use last year’s decorations

Many people buy new sets of Christmas ornaments year after year, just because last year’s theme is no longer in fashion. If there’s anything right about Christmas, it’s that it never gets old—no one will judge you for using last year’s baubles.

If you buy new ones this year, keep them in a safe place and dust them off for use next year. If your old ones are damaged, paint or customize them. Artificial Christmas trees don’t wilt or dry out and look the same every year, so consider getting one as well. Nature and your wallet will thank you for this.

Make DIY ornaments

There’s a lot you can do with things that you’d normally throw away. For example, you can fashion a star tree topper from old wire and newspapers; tin or aluminium foil also make a tree special. Old toys, like tennis balls, can be wrapped in colorful twine and used as Christmas tree ornaments. Worn-out clothes can be turned into Christmas stockings and bows. Grandma’s old cotton spools can also be hung from the tree.

Go natural

Many things found in nature can be used as Christmas decorations. Pine cones, for one, can be turned into Christmas tree ornaments. You can string them up the way you found them, dip them in melted candle wax, or spray-paint them in different colors like gold and silver. Pine cones can also be made into festive wreaths to hang at your door. Tree branches and needles add a rustic touch to any home. Always remember to get plant parts that you find on the ground; it’s no longer environment friendly if you have to hack them off the tree.

Save on energy costs

Christmas is a season of brightness, and homes are all dressed up with string lights and candles. While regular fairy lights consume little energy compared to other appliances, LED lighting is affordable, safer, and uses less electricity than regular bulbs. How about a traditional Christmas Eve dinner by candle light? Use candles made of beeswax or vegetable-based wax, and place them in old jam jars that you’ve cleaned and decorated.

Christmas doesn’t need to be wasteful; in fact, using eco-friendly options might be the best gift you can give to Mother Nature. Try these tips and enjoy a merry eco-Christmas!

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