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Christmas Party Clean Up Tips

Christmas parties are great—it’s a time when family and friends gather to exchange stories and scarf down food and wine. At the end of the night, however, someone has to clean up the mess. When your last guest has finally left and you’re alone with the “aftermath,” apply these tips to help you through the post-party clean up:


Even as the party is on its way, take some time away from the fun to package and refrigerate any unfinished food lying around. Doing this early on in the night means you don’t need to sift through the leftovers to check if any of the food has gone bad.

Do the Dishes

Create a space in your kitchen for your guests to leave their dirty dishes in and periodically check to see if there are dishes that need soaking before being loaded into the dishwasher. At the end of the party, run your first load before cleaning up the rest of the space. Once the rest of the areas are cleaned, run your second load and then head to bed. You can do the next load (if still needed) when you wake up the next morning. No point waiting around for the load to finish when you can be catching up on your sleep instead.


Prior to the party, place sufficient bins around so your guests can properly dispose of their trash. It’s easier to just grab these bags and leave them by the curb, or throw down the garbage chute at the end of the day. To clean up the rest of the mess that gets inevitably left behind, do a sweep of the entire place with garbage bags in hand. This way, you can quickly throw any leftover trash in the bag.

The Day After

Do the rest of your cleanup the following day. After a long party, the last thing you want to be doing is general cleaning in the middle of the night. So go to bed and tackle the rest of the chores in the morning when you’re more refreshed.

Post-party cleanup doesn’t have to be a huge chore. By thinking ahead and planning a cleanup strategy, you’d be able to breeze through the task faster. Don’t spend your Christmas party sulking over the huge mess your guests may be making. Enjoy the festivities and worry about the cleanup later.

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