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Safety Tips for Decorating the Fireplace with Christmas Garlands

The fireplace is often the focal point in a living room and sprucing it up for the holidays is an exciting activity. However, it’s important to observe safety precautions because some décor can be fire hazards. Christmas garlands, for example, make the hearth lovelier, but these can easily catch fire with their thin needles.

As the holidays are the season for enjoying the company of family and friends, an accident is the last thing you would want to happen. Here are a few safety measures to ensure a peaceful and safe holiday.

  • The mantel above the fireplace is the ideal location for garlands. Place these on top of the shelf, and fasten them on the surfaces using non-flammable materials. Make sure that they don’t dangle to avoid catching fire. Other ornaments such as Christmas balls, angels, or stockings should be kept away from the fire box.
  • If you plan to use decorative candles to accent garlands, ensure the safety of your home and family by using wide candle holders. This way, the flames don’t reach the needles if the candles burn down to the end of their wicks. Remember to keep an eye on the candles and extinguish the flames before leaving the room.
  • When using Christmas lights, check to see if all the bulbs are screwed in properly. There should be no exposed wiring that may cause a short circuit. Keep the wires and cords away from the fire box.
  • Place a fire extinguisher at least two feet from the furnace. Make sure that it hasn’t expired, and that everyone in the household knows how to use it properly.

Getting the home decorated for the holidays may be an important family tradition, but the safety of your loved ones and your property should come first. Follow these safety measures in decorating the fireplace for a merry and worry-free celebration.

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