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360 Degrees of Christmas Trees: All about Rotating Tree Stands

Rotating tree stands have been around for a long time, first created during the post-war era in the 1950s. They were developed during a time when space-age themes were popular in the US. These kinds of stands were first used for aluminum Christmas trees that fitted the streamlined home interiors of that period. Today, they’re used for a variety of artificial Christmas trees.

Rotating stands are composed of a base with an electric motor and a mount that locks it in. The base comes with a standard wall plug and an extra socket for Christmas lights. The trunk of your Christmas tree is fixed on the mount by securing it tightly onto the base with screws. When turned on, the electric motor slowly rotates the tree. There’s also a switch that allows you to control the speed of the rotation.

There are a number of benefits from using rotating tree stands for your Christmas tree. Unlike traditional stands, it gives you the flexibility of choosing different decorations. It also allows you to showcase different beautiful ornaments, rather than accentuating a few parts. Moreover, it can make your tree appear more whimsical as it spins slowly in the corner of your living room.

Safety Tips 

  • Check the rotating stand’s weight capacity and other specifications to make sure it doesn’t wobble. As a safety measure, balance out the weight of the decorations you put on it. This way, your tree will not tip over while in rotation.
  • Choose a good spot to put up your rotating tree. Avoid placing it near windows and curtains as a rotating tree can get tangled with the fabric and topple over.
  • Never leave your tree spinning in a room.  Switch it off and unplug it when not in use. Lock the base when you’re going to take down the ornaments to prevent it from turning.

Rotating tree stands are built for versatility. Whether it’s a Durango Douglas Fir or a Blue Spruce, you can choose any kind of Christmas tree you’d like to put on it. You may even use pre-lit trees and extra lights if you want to. Happy decorating!

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