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Choosing the Best Tabletop Christmas Tree

In small rooms where a full, towering Christmas tree looks dominating and overwhelming, the best alternative is to display tabletop trees. This way, the spirit of Christmas is still alive even in limited spaces like studio apartments and office cubicles. If you’re uncertain about the kind of tabletop tree to buy, here’s a guide to help you decide.

Ornament Showcase

If you want to show off your beautiful ornaments, a small tree with thin and short needles is perfect for you. The branches and leaves are sparse so your ornaments are the center of attention.

A potted evergreen tree, on the other hand, is ideal for lights and ornaments. The foliage is thick which can support the added weight. In addition, evergreens are shaped like a traditional Christmas tree and have a lush green color.

Bold or Simple?

Christmas trees of different and bold colors make a statement in any room. If you’re going for elegance, miniature white trees are an impeccable way to brighten any space. You can twirl a segment of faint yellow Christmas lights to give it a more sophisticated look.

If you want something simple, potted cedar and cypress trees are possible options. They hold their shape well and look elegant; even with basic ornaments like ribbons and miniature Christmas balls.

Topiaries are also excellent choices as they can stand alone even without accessories. Whether spruce, ball, or spiral, topiaries make for stylish indoor and outdoor plants.

Creative and Fragrant

For a more creative tabletop Christmas tree, consider the ones made of twigs, cranberries, and other seasonal materials. These trees are excellent tabletop décor as they are statement pieces to any room.

Aromatic topiaries or small trees such as pine, rosemary, bay leaves and eucalyptus are perfect as fragrant displays. They fill rooms with earthy and homey scents, which make them an interesting take on tabletop trees.

Once you’ve chosen a tabletop Christmas tree that suits your aesthetic, continue decorating it with different pots, lights, ornaments, and other holiday-themed décor. These charming trees exude the same blissful atmosphere of Christmas spirit, for a fraction of the space.

Happy decorating!

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