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10 Ways to Re-Use Beautiful Wrapping Paper

Christmas is the season of giving and this often means receiving plenty of gifts wrapped in paper. Instead of throwing away the wrapping, consider reusing them in your home. Below are ten ways to reuse the holiday’s wrapping paper.

Caption: This vintage holiday sign can be reused in other ways after the holidays (Photo courtesy of Little Vintage Nest)

Caption: This vintage holiday sign can be reused in other ways after the holidays (Photo courtesy of Little Vintage Nest)

Creative Containers

Use colorful wrapping paper to cover canisters, bottles, or shoe boxes that can serve as decorative containers for the home or office. This way you can keep the festive appearance alive all throughout the year.

Material for Padding

This tip is perfect for wrapping paper that’s been excitedly torn off gifts and crumpled. Don’t throw them away just yet. Shred and use it as a protective base for fragile items intended for packaging and shipping. You may also use it to keep items in storage tightly packed.

Get Scrapbooking

Wrapping paper is a great background material for scrapbooks.  When different designs are cut up and put together, they form a unique mosaic where your old keepsakes can be displayed.

Redecorate those ornaments

Got decor such as glasses, candles, vases and other knickknacks? Cover them with wrapping paper for an added decorative twist and as protection.  You may also adapt these items for the current festivities by sprucing them up according to the season’s style and mood.

Coasters and Mats

Create festive placemats or coasters by gluing wrapping paper onto a thin corkboard. After they dry, cut them out according to your preferred shape and size, then paint them with a layer of varnish for waterproofing.

Spruce up your Favorite Reads

Got old books that you love rereading?  Give them a new look by covering them up in wrapping paper.  Just imagine how beautiful those colorful book spines would be when lined up on your shelf.

Colorful Bookmarks

Are you always trying to find the page you left off from in that novel you’re reading? Make some bookmarks by pasting wrapping paper onto a mini-ruler sized cardboard. You may even go further and cut them into unique shapes, or write your favorite book quotes on them.  Handmade bookmarks also make wonderful gifts to friends and loved ones.

Ribbons and Gift Tags

You can still use your leftover gift wrapping for its original purpose.  Some gift wrapping cut outs can be reused to wrap smaller presents.  Thinner strips can be made into ribbons, or cut into squares as gift tags.

Craft Project

Wrapping paper can also be useful material for arts and crafts.  Use it as a pulp for paper mache projects.  You can cut out letterings from the paper, or fold it into origami art.

Reuse it for next Christmas

Your holiday gift wrappers will have patterns and designs suited for the Yuletide season. Turn your wrapping paper into a holiday wreath or Christmas tree ornament and make the most out of the colorful motifs.

Used wrapping paper shouldn’t just go straight to the landfill after the holidays.  There are many ways to extend the usefulness of this festive material.

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