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Decorate Your Home for Calm and Restful Holidays

During the holiday season, homes are abuzz with preparations for festivities. As anyone would expect, things can get very busy—and stressful when house guests arrive. We’ve taken a leaf from minimalism, feng shui and the KonMari method and their techniques in creating a flowing, harmonious space through simple design.

Our Zen Bamboo Tree represents the tranquil beauty of its namesake garden

Our Zen Bamboo Tree represents the tranquil beauty of its namesake garden

Here are useful tips on decorating to create a calm and restful environment for your family and guests:

De-clutter your living space

Clutter is both an eyesore and an obstacle to movement. Clear out objects that block doorways and passages, and be selective about the items you put on your shelves. When your visual and physical surroundings are uncluttered, it is easy to keep one’s mind clear even when things are extremely busy at home. Also, de-cluttering shows off your beautiful holiday decor.

Bring out things that spark joy

De-cluttering isn’t just about putting away things. Home organization expert Marie Kondo said that it is important to keep and display things that “spark joy”. This concept applies to holiday decorations too: it is best to let go of and replace ornaments that do not impart positive emotions. Decorating with items that “spark joy” energizes your home and the people living in it.

Scent and smells are important too

The olfactory sense, or the sense of smell can also use some soothing and pampering. Many cultures also hold the belief that incense burning helps clear negative energy from a space. For a holiday-themed smell, use a diffuser to fill your home with the Christmas scents of pine, apple, or clove. Balsam Hill offers a line of scented ornaments and oils to fill your home with pleasant aromas.

Decorate with plants

The sight of greenery calms the mind and contributes to an environment that feels balanced. If you are bringing in live plants into your home, ensure that they are kept healthy with regular watering, sunlight and pruning. You can also use our holly and poinsettia artificial wreaths infuse color into your home; also look into our artificial florals and topiaries for off-season decorating.

This holiday season, every home is bound to get busier than ever. Make use of these tips to create a haven of harmony and calm in yours.

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