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Taming Back-to-School Clutter: Decorative Ideas to Help You Stay Organized

Cleaning up for fall is something we all have to do every year. Make it hassle-free this season by keeping everything organized. I’ve put together some decorative ideas to help make this happen for you.

Balsam Hill's <a href="" target="_blank">Ornament Storage Box</a>

Balsam Hill’s Ornament Storage Box

  • Storage boxes:

Nowadays, storage boxes come in different sizes and colors. De-clutter your home by getting storage boxes. Balsam Hill’s Ornament Storage Box can be used as a container for small items that can easily be lost. You can keep them out of sight by hiding them under beds or coffee tables.

  • Bookcase:

Although kids these days may be doing their homework online, there’s still room for books. Keep the books in order by placing a bookcase in one corner of the room. It can also double as place to display your kids’ trophies or other memorabilia.

  • Chalkboard:

Hang chalkboards to help your kids keep track of their schedule and daily tasks. Keep it cool by using colorful frames. You can also add hooks, from which you can hang keys.

  • File desk:

Use a desk with filing cabinets. You can paint it in your kid’s favorite color or simply keep it white. Either way, it’ll keep your child organized and provide room for extra storage.

  • Wall rack:

Build a wall rack and use it to keep items off the floor and off the desk. You can also use it for display or for additional storage.

  • Waste can:

There’s always going to be trash in the room. For easy clean-up, leave a waste can in your kid’s bedroom. You can use stainless steel waste cans which are both functional and long-lasting. You can also make it fun by choosing fun animal-themed waste cans.

Since Autumn is that time of the year when children go back to school, these ideas will help create work areas that are clean and structured (with less mess!). It’ll make learning more fun and help your family to prepare for the coming winter and holidays. Happy decorating!

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