Thomas Harman | CEO of Balsam Hill

Screaming in the Office

Today was arguably the most exciting day in our offices since the building caught on fire several years ago (it turned out to be a tiny flameless fire in an air conditioner, but it was pretty exciting to have the fire department show up with multiple trucks including deployment of the hook and ladder!)

I heard some screaming and shrieking nearby, and then lots of excited conversation as we gathered to see what all the hubbub was about.  It turns out that a praying mantis had decided to join us for the morning and had been flying around, causing concern among my more entomophobic colleagues.

One of us quickly got the praying mantis to climb onto a sheet of office paper, and we successfully released him or her out the window.  Crisis averted!  The only thing I haven’t figured out is why one of my female colleagues was so afraid…it is the female praying mantises that eat the male ones, so if anything, the guys should be the ones who needed to watch out!

About the Author
Thomas is as an operator and investor in consumer brands and consumer Internet companies. Since founding ecommerce retailer Balsam Hill, Thomas has launched several other national brands under the Balsam Brands umbrella including pool retailer Backyard Ocean. Prior to founding Balsam Brands, Thomas ran a contract manufacturing company, worked in consumer products marketing, business development, and as a management consultant.